ATOS-SIEMENS. Universal Engineering of Welfare & Health Markets in The Globalist Superfortress.
January 29, 2023, 11:05:42 pm
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This board is in Maintenance Mode. ATOS were (or are still) the GERMAN company (with Scots Employees here) who with parent shareholder company SIEMENS oversaw the 'process' by which BRITISH sick and disabled were all found mysteriously "fit and able to search for work" up to and following 'The Great economic collapse of 2008'. No matter if you were dying of cancer and were bound to a wheelchair (as many of course, were), some 98% to 100% (official figures from Citizens Advice bureau, at the time), would be found magically, entirely well. Then it was my turn and that's when the SHIT HIT THE FAN for ATOS. A couple of years after my & CAB's cojoint 'see to' with ATOS they announced their fatigue at being bullied (sic), and ATOS announced their desire to cancel their contract with the DWP (Dept for Work & Pensions). Yes, indeed, do sod off back to Teutonic Germany, by all means, see if you are missed! *Siemens' is the firm that electrically wired the Nazi Deathcamps, albeit rather a time ago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, don't you think?! Notwithstanding this, I provocatively hailed ATOS-SIEMENS as the 'Death Panels', which many agree they were, and this scared the shit out of the Establishment. This, and the fact that hundreds of people were committing suicide a year because of ATOS' 'Medical Tests' decisions meant that the Government had to revise (upon advice) its relationship of tenure with ATOS-SIEMENS. Make no mistake. They may not be so lucky if there is ever a 'next time'!
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